What we do

Self-assembly of nanoparticles into complex structures

Development of novel formulations for active pharmaceutical ingredients

Development or optimization of crystallization processes

Multiscale modelling of multiphase flow relevant for industrial applications

Contact person

Miroslav Soos
Group leader

News from our laboratory


Iro Chatziadi - participation and cooperation with Trinity College Dublin

Iro Chatziada, as a PhD student supported by Zentiva K.S. (Czech Republic), was during September 2018 in Dublin, for an internship in the laboratory of Prof. Lidia Tajber, at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Trinity College Dublin. The research project was focused on the investigation of eutectics formation using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC] and X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) for the structure analysis. Following two months of internship will be in the framework of Open Research Biopharmaceutical Internships Support (ORBIS).


Jose Francisco Wilson obtained Emil Votocek scholarship

Jose Francisco Wilson obtained prestigious Emil Votoce scholarship from the endowment fund of Emil Votocek to support his research and publication work in the area of computational modeling of aggregation processes and propertis of the polymeric materials.


Christmas dinner

We can enjoy really great time also out of our laboratories. Like the time during the Christmas dinner before many members of our laboratory went to visit their families and friends in their home countries for the Christmas and New Year time.


Article in ‘Journal of Molecular Chemistry’

An article ‘Spirocyclic character of ixazomib citrate revealed by comprehensive XRD, NMR and DFT study’ has been published in Journal of Molecular Chemistry, read here


Conference ‘Crystal Forms at Bologna’

Two of our PhD students, Iro Chatziadi and Vítek Zvoníček, and a postdoc, Eliška Skořepová, attended the conference 9th Crystal Forms at Bologna in Italy, June 4 - 6 2017.


Article in ‘Crystal Growth and Design’

An article ‘First Crystal Structures of Pharmaceutical Ibrutinib: Systematic Solvate Screening and Characterization’ has been published in a prestigious journal Crystal Growth and Design, read here


Junior internal grant goes to Eliška Skořepová

Eliška Skořepová, our postdoc, won a 2017 Junior internal grant of UCT Prague for researchers at the beginning of their academic career. Only one grant was awarded in each faculty.Read more here