About the group

Laboratory led by Doc. Ing. Miroslav Soos, Ph.D. was established in January 2015 at the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCT Prague. Combining engineering concepts with material science knowledge the group is currently covering several emerging areas in biomedicine, bioseparations and biotechnology (i.e. systems for combined drug delivery and imaging, scaffold synthesis and tissue engineering, quantification of cells interaction with various substrates, synthesis of multifunctional porous materials with tunable porosity and pore size distribution, optimization of monoclonal antibody production by mammalian cells etc.).

From the experimental point of view our common starting point is a preparation of building blocks such as nano- and micro-particles of various kind and bearing various surface functionalities. Such particles are consequently used to construct hierarchical structures employing self- or controlled assembly resulting in monolith or particle-like formulations. Additional surface chemistry is used to tune final properties of these materials. In parallel to synthesis of advanced functional materials for chemical applications same concepts are used to prepare materials suitable in biomedicine and tissue engineering.

In parallel to experimental activity group is very active in the field of mathematical modeling of underlying mechanisms such as colloidal stability, nanoparticle aggregation including formation of porous structure, breakup of formed clusters and modeling of transport phenomena in porous media. In the area of biotechnology focus is on the description of cell behavior under various environmental conditions including bioreactor characterization, modeling of cell growth, metabolism as well as productivity and quality of the synthesized product.

If you have got inspired and you would like to learn more about these projects we have open positions on all levels of the study (Bachelor, Master, Ph.D. level). For more details please contact head of the laboratory Doc. Ing. Miroslav Soos, Ph.D. Miroslav.Soos@vscht.cz