Legend: B-Bachelor level, M-Master level, P-PhD level, E-Experimental activity, C-Computational activity

Project title
Synthesis of porous materials with tunable porosity and pore size distribution B, M, P E
Reconstructed porous media from X-ray nano- and micro-tomography data M, P C
Synthesis of hetero-nano-clusters for combined drug delivery and imaging B, M, P E
Synthesis and functionalization of gold nanoparticles for biomedical applications B, M E
Formulation of hydrophobic drugs in the form of nano-suspensions with tunable releas kinetics B, M, P E
Synthesis and characterization of polymersomes for imaging and drug delivery B, M, P E
Effect of surface properties on the stability of proteins B, M E
Construction of 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering M, P E
Modeling of multi-phase flow in stirred reactors using combination of CFD and population balances M, P C
Measurement and modeling of mammalian cell metabolism P E + C
Optimization of media composition for cell culture processes M, P C